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Hi, I’m Quentin! I have been an online marketer and product developer for the past 24 years and have created everything from websites, software, coaching and training programs and different product creation formats.

My Story

My Name is Quentin Brown and most of my life I worked in offices or driving trucks etc. I also tried a number of small business ventures to supplement my income like lawn mowing, printing etc.

I tried my hand at bigger business in the late 80s buying a preschool to run with my wife. Unfortunately here in Australia we had a huge interest rise (24%) after only a couple of years which sent us broke.

We ended up moving to Brisbane city to provide a better lifstyle for our 4 boys and I started working for a startup charity and built my first website. I started to build them for other businesses.

Ended up developing some software and moving into my own business after about 6 years and due to high success traveled the world doing seminars etc. retired in about 2012.

I will share all this experience with you.

My Values & Beliefs

Online Business Is About Quality

Since I started 24 years ago I have learnt that a good product and a good description will always get sales. The more marketing you have top do usually means the product is not as good.

Referral Business is the Best

Since I started I have always done my best to look after my customers and it means these days most of my new customers are referred to me by previous customers.

Keep Good Accounts

Many a successful Online business manager has come undone because of bad accounting methods. Many of the greats have come undone over money. Keep it simple and get good accounting advise and keep good records.

Don't Stress Over The Small Stuff

So many new online business owners spend a lot of time on things that don’t really matter at the beginning. I like to get my stuff organised and online then let my customers determine my changes.

 My Approach

My Approach is simple. Give you all the information to get you started and then help you fine tune it as your progress.

Much of the first things you have to do are very repetitive and admin based. You just need to follow how we all do it then as you get used to the process you can change some things.

For example I work out what I want to do then research and then finally put it all together. I wanted to create this program as I saw so many people offering very expensive programs teaching people the basics.

I got the domain and website built as it hones in my ideas. Then I create the product or content and then lock it all in. Finally I ask for reviews and adjust accordingly.



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